Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer Flower Update

I found this rail-mounted basket at WalMart. I like it because it hangs from adjustable clamps that attach to the rail rather than being mounted on top of it. It has been the best color spot I created this summer. Tom and I liked it so well, we went back and bought enough to put one between each of the posts for next year. The petunias have just avalanched over the rail and down the front!

This view shows our little "apartment" windows -

This shot is looking north towards the driveway -

I just love how they turned out! I visit them every morning! Next year the whole deck rail will be decorated! I was telling Tom we should plant red, white and deep purple/blue next year - then when the 4th of July came, we'd already be color appropriate!

Painting Finished

Our "guest room" is in the back of the house and faces the hillside. It never gets direct sunlight.

It has always been the off-white color from when it was built, twenty some years ago. I wanted color in there. Tom and I chose blue and green - bolder rather than pastel. I was trying to use the existing bedspread for my colors. We had the brown carpet and yellow furniture to factor in.

I wasn't sure I liked it until we completely done. I kept looking at that green and hoping it would tone down a little. I didn't like how much yellow had been in the room before, but I think the yellow goes much better now. We were considering getting rid of the chair, but we are going to keep it.

The room is much less crowded with the extra bookcase out. It's amazing how big that room really is! This shot is looking out towards the living room.

I like the blue, green, yellow and brown together.

My problem now is trying to fit what came out back into the room. I am only going to use those that coordinate with the colors. That means a lot of stuff is going to stay in boxes! I really like the way the globe goes with the rooms colors!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Nail-Biting Time

The unthinkable has happened. We bought an external hard drive to save-guard our digital photos, genealogy records, and all my church related lessons. If our computer crashed, I didn't want to worry about loosing them.

So they were backed and transferred to the new hard drive. (Please learn from my mistakes). Well, the new hard drive crashed. It's only a few month old. My data is all lost in digital hell. I have SINCE been told that I should have used the hard drive as a "back up"....having the data on BOTH hard drives. Which bothers me little linear mind. ("Why would I put data on BOTH when I am trying to free up disk space on my PC so it will run better?? Wasn't THAT the point of buying an external hard drive? I could have back-up data on DVD's....)

The questions go on and on. I'm sure they are probably laughable to anyone even slightly nerdier than I am. But, here I am waiting for a phone call from my "go-to" person to see if he can reclaim the data without going to a "data recovery" company. (Oh, please, please, please....)

My little hard drive is under warranty for the next two years. They will be perfectly happy to exchange mine for a new one - minus the current data stored within mine. THAT is NOT covered under the warranty. They refer you to someone who is willing to help recover the data for a mere $700-$1500. I'm NOT kidding.

How important is the years of family history and research I have done? How much do I want the digital pictures I have taken for the past seven years? Do I really need the gospel doctrine handouts, lesson outlines, YW stories, activities, craft patterns, favorite talks, etc? I wouldn't have bought the hard drive if I hadn't been concerned about their preservation.

Come on, Cory, work your electronic, digital magic....

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July - Red, White and Blues.

On the Oregon coast, we get foggy weather when it is hot in the inland valleys. It pulls the fog banks in. It is cold, windy and dreary. I have a friend who said, "When the sun is out on the coast - EVERY one is happy." So true! It DOES make the fireworks amazing, though. The fireworks light up the fog and make the display a little misty and luminous. And then all THAT is reflected back from the waters of the bay. VERY cool ...and cold. My joke used to be that the coldest day I ever spent was a 4th of July in Waldport. Also, so true.
We made a trip in to Toledo Thursday - to do some early birthday shopping. (Matt's birthday is the 17th) And driving up Hwy 20 we were faced with car after car after car coming out to the beach for the long weekend. Tourists are needed and welcome - by the small businesses. Not by those trying to go somewhere to get something done. We decided to go back home the long, non-highway route and had a lovely drive.

Today we forgot our discovery of yesterday - tourists - and wanted to get out of the house for a while. We headed towards Newport and got as far as South Beach before coming to a standstill. We growled at ourselves, did a turnabout, and raced back home.

BUT - in Seal Rock, there was the neatest little man selling bird houses and bird feeders that he makes. I bought a couple - reasonable and SO well made (pictures to follow in another post). We enjoyed our visit with him more than anything. I am going to give him the seasoned planks from the wheelchair ramp that are still usable. He is going to give me a couple free birdhouses for the trade. Barter! Gotta love it. I'm happy the boards will go to a craftsman and happy to get more birdhouse. I was planning on making a few. They would NOT have been as nice as what I am going to be getting!

Nice things have been happening. Don't know why I've been fighting depression all day. I know I cycle moods. I have moments of "okay-ness." Even bright sunburst moments. But I keep sliding down this slippery slope of...I don't know what. It is what the majority of my past couple of days have been made of. It doesn't mire me down - but it's just always "there."

What it reminds me of is hiking along a river, when I was on BYU Survival. A river doesn't run straight; it meanders. It forms sand bars. then the river speed picks up - it carries the sand and particles along with it's flow. There is a formula that allows you compute the load water can carry based on it's velocity.

(Anything that that can be computed is science. Science is based on eternal principles. I have learned that sometimes physical laws have spiritual significance. So - I think there is an eternal principle I haven't "gotten" yet. I have the physical model - the walk along the Dirty Devil River in southern Utah. I keep having this memory come back up in my life. Over and over. It was a VERY difficult day for me. VERY. To that point in my life, it was the worst day I ever walked through. There were many lessons. I'm still working on this one.)

So - when water velocity decreases, the "load" it is carrying starts falling out of the current. Larger pieces first, depositing into what becomes a sand bar. When you walk a river canyon, you don't walk the way the water flows. We plot a straight path through, usually, because it is shorter and more direct. Plotting that path takes you up and down these sand bars. You cross the river - walk across the sand bar, go into and out of the water again, walk across another sand bar - and so on and so on. My legs got so-o-o sore that day.

Did I mention that sand bars are made of sand?? Loose sand. Not the packed kind down the ocean where the waves come in and out. The loose kind you have to walk across to GET to where it;s nice and wet and packed and easy to walk on. And your boots are wet because you just came out of the water - hello! So the sand sticks to your boots, AND your pant legs, and socks.... getting the picture? Nasty!

After about the fourth or fifth crossing, the boots aren't keeping the water out of themselves anymore. Your boots starts "taking on"water, making them heavier. Your socks are soaked. You can feel the water sloshing around inside a place it was never meant to be. I repeat - NASTY!

I looked ahead, down the canyon. All I could see was MORE canyon. Another bend just ahead. I couldn't see the end - only the next bend. The walls of the canyon towered over our heads. I was only aware of the passing of time - and I was still stuck in something that gave me no concept of if or when I would ever get out. (Did I know it WOULD end at some point - of course. But I couldn't conceptualize it. I FELT despair. I wanted to quit. (like THAT would solve my problem!! I'd STILL be sitting in that freakin' canyon with wet feet, a tired, sore body and a lousy attitude)

Not only was I miserable - in every way possible - but that wasn't enough. I resented everyone else know, I don't know why I resented them. I was having a pity party and no one cared. No one came. I isolated myself when I needed. I think I do that a lot. And I think it comes under the sin of Pride. I made myself unpleasant to be around. Negative. Not only was the glass half empty - I was pretty ticked off at the type of glass it WAS IN!

I was a joy to be around. NOT! And only one (physical) person WAS willing to be with me. (I KNOW I had angels...) And that is another story.

But what relates to my situation now is the walking a straight line down a meandering canyon. The sandbars discouraged me. Some were quite large. Some were covered with thickets that you had to walk through without getting hit in the face by the branches. Some were short. Straight up and right back down. But I feel THAT the same way about my daily situation here as I did back then.

I remember looking down that canyon and just DREADING the next crossing. And some mornings I feel the same way about going downstairs. I can't see the end of the canyon. I FEEL like if I KNEW what day this would be over, I could manage. But - it's NOT going to be over...and I'm having a hard time ...

I think it's time to go back on anti-depressive medication. Life isn't getting LESS depressing....

Under Construction

Samara sent me some beads - and what I love about having someone else pick out beads is that is expands my imagination. I would never have had the nerve to buy one of the pendants - but she sent me two. This darker one...

( And this is what I came up with for the earrings - to go with it...)

This is my favorite - I think it must be a fire agate. I found some smaller beads that went so well with it...

And these are the earring I made:

These were the result of components I cannibalized from some other projects -

These also - they are a deep teal with silver. I need to work on how I can represent them by pictures better....

I tried some bracelets with the natural beads I have had for a while. I got them in a "grab-bag" purchase at Salvation Army. Has to be a way to use them...

I used the "tube-type" in the "right angle" stitch and actually like the result. Mixing them with round beads wasn't too bad!

So - Samara - there is your preview into your next package. I think you will like what I found to go with your beads.