Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Brother!

Thirty-two years (1978) ago I learned I had a half-brother named David. I was 29 and had just had my first child. David was eight and his mom and our dad had just broken up. I was occupied with starting a family and loosing my grandparents for next several years. Time went by and I always thought about him and wondered if we would ever really get to know each other. He was always in the back of my mind.

Suddenly last year - we connected - through genealogy - on Ancestry. It was a miracle. We talked on the phone for months. We planned on meeting each other when Chrissy had her baby in October, since I already had a trip planned. That is exactly what happened.

I met him face-to-face last night for the first time. I could see my dad's features in his face - different, but he IS my dad's son. I felt comfortable immediately. He is TALL - about 6'3" or more and stocky. There aren't many in my family who are taller than me, and those are only taller by a little. David is TALLER! I just LOVED that!

This goes back a long way for me. It is like a prayer I've prayed my whole life has been answered. All the warm fuzzies I am feeling, I am just going to keep for myself right now. The Lord knows my heart - inside and outside. And He knows what heals an aching soul. And nothing is impossible through Him.

Tonight he brought his mom. Ardie and Bruce drove me to The Corner Cafe in north Kansas City and we all ate dinner together. It was so fun!

So - here's the new part of my family:

Bruce and Ardie

David, me and his mom, Rita

David and his Mom

Craft Fair - Baldwin City, Kansas

I spent the day with my cousin, Ardie, exploring probably the biggest craft fair I've ever seen. I naively imaged the proportions of, maybe, a city park with booths, etc. Baldwin is an out-of-the -way small town southwest of my hometown of Lenexa, Kansas. It is the home of Baker University. How big could their craft fair BE??

This big:

I walked MILES! and loved every minute of it! Ardie and I had so much fun, but I don't think it was just the craft fair. I think we would have fun doing anything AND nothing. The pace in Kansas is just different. The weather was amazing - hot, but with a constant breeze that made it so pleasant; clear, sunny skies ( I thought I was in an alien environment...), among friendly, outgoing people.
Picked up some samples of crocheted items that I think would be fun to make and marketable next year. Drooled over jewelry. Marveled over the sheer volume of talent on display.
All in all - an exceptional day!