Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I can officially declare spring has arrived! I wait for four signs every year. First comes the daffodils! I love seeing them pop out of the ground and wait anxiously for the blooms

The next arrival I look for are the robins. We live in an area where they migrate away and I look forward to their return.

Today I saw my first chipmunk!! Sign number three! They have come out of hibernation

And sure sign number four - I heard tree frogs last night when I took the dogs out! I forget I haven't heard them until they come back. It's a subtle night music that I'm glad is back.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Momentum

Great beginning to a new week - Tom made pancakes for me this morning - with eggs! Tummy! Hey, I could get used to Mondays like this!
Also found a home for our old green recliner. This was the first BIG present I ever got Tom, and I bought it from the store Matt was managing at the time. That was about 10 years ago. It doesn't get to see the Promised Land. It has to stay in Oregon, but with a very nice family.
Bye, Big Green.
Brought another load from the storage unit today. Found all our "faith-promoting" pictures! There were so many paintings in my Mom's house that we couldn't hang them when we moved in. I LOVE my pictures of the Savior and look forward to hanging them in our new home. I can have my "family proclamation," "living Christ," and temple pictures back up! I love the Spirit they bring into the house. Now I have lots of paintings and photos to hang. Need walls, lol.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Waiting on the Lord

Things are moving swiftly along to time for our move to St. George, Utah.

We are working on emptying the storage unit before the end of the month...and succeeding! Both of us are letting go of things we have held onto for years. Tom said that some of the boxes he has gone through haven't been opened in ten years. I'm so proud of him.

I think the tragedy in Japan has put things in prospective for us. Those people lost everything, including family. We are only keeping the things we REALLY love and count ourselves as blessed to be able to make those kinds of decisions. I have no problem seeing things go away. Things I used to think were important. I feel fortunate to be able to share the extra with others who need it. I get a real "united order" feeling about it. I have sufficient for my needs. the right thing is to pass the excess on. Not many times in my life have I been in this position.

The only thing we are not sure of yet is where we are going to live. Not a big thing, right? Every Sunday we have a couple who ask us if we know where we are going to live yet. It seems to bother them more than us. When I say not yet, they ask if that means we aren't going to go. i smile and tell them that we are still going. I know the house will be there when we need it to be.

I KNOW we are supposed to move to St. George. The Lord has always provided the most amazing places for us to live. I KNOW he will provide this time too. I know how naive this might sound to some. They don't know my history. I know how the Lord deals with me. I trust Him. If He has picked St. George for us, He knows what we need to make it happen. We are doing our part and just waiting to see the door open.