Monday, September 7, 2009

Shot From the Blue

What turned Tom from this happy-go-lucky guy...

Into this poor sick guy??

(Still happy, and good spirited - even with a tube in his nose, and IV's in his arms - ) The answer is Streptococcus pneumoniae - pnuemonia.

Wow - Where Did Summer Go???

We had a "rain event." DANG! I should have sold tickets! Actually, I have missed the rain. know I will loath that statement in a few months, but I am glad to have it freshness it brings. Sure wish California could get some to help with those wildfires. They are going to have their hands full until Thanksgiving. That is the usual pattern. I remember going camping over Thanksgiving weekend and hearing about the wildfires that were FINALLY getting under control because the rains had started. (Our prayers are with you.)

I've been in an odd place (besides the obvious Oregon) for the last few months. More mental than actual physical places. Fought a lot of internal battles. Seem to have won some high ground for the moment and have the desire to blog again.

What an odd phase - "the desire to blog" - what IS that in us??? Why am I sitting up at 5 am typing my thoughts into a computer screen??? What IS the "desire to blog"??? and WHY am I doing it?? I do it for myself first and my kids second. Some of whom never even check it out. So since I am doing first for myself - I come back to "WHY"?

All I have right now is - "WHY not?" I'll have to think about that..... I'll do that as I type.