Friday, May 23, 2014

Godzilla and I - We go W-A-A-A-Y Back...

Godzilla - 1954
Godzilla and I have been around about the same length of time.  I'm only 5 years older!  The difference between us is that HE keeps getting cooler and more awesome as the time goes by.  I hate that in a guy - ummm -  monster.

I grew up watching him and back in 1854, he brought goosebumps to my pre-adolescent skin.  I loved Raymond Burr from the Perry Mason series that my mom watched all the time.  (This was pre-Ironsides days, where he'd gained so much weight he couldn't get out of the wheelchair)

I'm sure I've seen ALL the Godzilla movies.  Even the cheesy rubber suit ones,

 and baby Godzilla.

They were pretty lame, even for me.  But the past few years, he's gotten some plastic surgery done, and he is looking good.

Ya' gotta give the guy credit.  He knows how to make an entrance.

The size of his body and neck proportion have changed!  As documented HERE

So why am I getting so nostalgic about Godzilla?

I saw the new Godzilla movie today.  I have to say - I still LOVE him!!  He just gets better and better!!

Ladies and gentlemen  - GODZILLA has left the building!

But he WILL be back!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

History is suddenly very personal to me.

Memorial Day is Approaching.

I have some things that comes to mind at this time of the year.  Patriotism.  Memories.  Birthdays.  Genealogy.

First of all, I had the last of my kids on Memorial Day weekend in 1984.  Her husband was born on Memorial Day weekend in 1984.  They were just about 12 hours apart in being born.  They celebrate their birthdays together!  This year they are inviting their friends and co-workers to a birthday picnic at their house.  So cool.  They are fun people.

Next, I have been doing a lot of family history this year.  I have found I have very deep roots in this country.  Three of my primary lines go back to pre-Revolutionary times.  I have multiple American Revolutionary War patriots in my bloodlines.

This fact that changes me.  I'm not sure how to describe the feeling.  I want to re-study history now.  It's suddenly very personal to me.  I have people who went through those historical events!

I have a family that lived in York during the English blockade of that port.  I have a 5th great-grandfather who guarded the first president of the United States, George Washington.  He was in Valley Forge that terrible winter and that next spring re-enlisted for the full term of the fight for independence.  I have an ancestor that fought in the battles of Brandywine and was taken prisoner by the British, thereby missing the winter in Valley Forge.  I wonder if they knew each other.  They were both Marshalls.

Moving back down the family tree, towards me, I find repeatedly those who served the course of freedom and independence.  A proud heritage for me.  My DNA has been a part of this wonderful land and country for over 250 years!  Such a legacy...such a responsibility.

My father, my step father, my husband are all veterans.  Thank you.  Thank all the veterans who gave of their lives so that we may live ours in freedom/