Saturday, March 16, 2013

Less is More

I have managed to avoid this blog for quite a while.  Don't know if it was a wise choice or not, but....I'm    B-B-A-A-A-C-K!

I have started down a new road in my journey.  Simplification.  Clarification.  Health, hopefully.

I sit now, surrounded by clutter.  Yarn, books, puppy dogs ( okay, only two), patterns, yarn, poly-fill, computer cords, yarn, sewing notions and yarn.  Did I mention YARN?  I sit in a recliner old and worn from supporting my ample body.  My knees are devoid of cartilage from hauling said carcass thither and yon.  My energy is sagging and totally absent some days.

I have, in the past, totally remodeled and changed my life - with the help of my Creator.  I do not His ability to do so again.  I fear I lack the gumption to make the changes (major changes) in my life.

I am using my blog as an accountability tool.  In the next year I need to loose 100 pounds.  NEED to.  To some degree, I truly want to.  To some other degrees, I don't.  Weird, I know, but honest. I need a total knee replacement, but can't get the operation unless I loose said 100 pounds.  I WANT the knee replacement and loosing the weight is the path I have to take. This blog will chart my struggles, ah-ha moments, set-backs and hopefully victories.

I know I'm an emotional eater.  I know I get emotional constipated.  There are going to be many issues involved in traveling this road.  This seemed a good outlet.  Maybe there will be someone else it will help.