Sunday, May 3, 2009

I've Been Hiding

I have been going through some stuff. Mostly internal. I have felt overwhelmed. Several friends have gone through, or are still going through, TOUGH times. Times are hard. Lots of folks are struggling harder than usual. Life is a big stress sandwich right now. I have a handle on what "triggered" my own personal recession. It comes back to my attitude and my relationship with the Lord, as usual. Working on it.

Does anyone else have fears about where our country is headed? I see things happening that when I put them together with other things that are happening - it makes a very scary scenario. And no one is talking about it. The media has their own scenarios - but no one puts together the same things I'm looking at.

Like us borrowing money from the Chinese. Since when was it a GOOD idea to borrow of money from our ENEMIES?? What are they going to take when we can't repay the billions we've borrowed? Which pieces of real estate are they going to what as collateral? How many states?

And opening relations with Castro and his brother. I lived through the Cuban missile crisis. I was in middle school. I went to bed at night, listening for missiles flying overhead. We had nuclear drills at school, where we dropped and covered - like that would protect us from the nuclear blast. Who thinks opening relations with them is a good idea??

Who are THEIR friends? Well, Hugo Chavez supplies their oil at a huge discount. Castro is Chavez's hero. Who does Chavez have on his friend list? North Korea. All the folks in the Middle East that want to see us buried. And WHY would these folks be interested in a little Caribbean island dictator? Certainly not for his vast wealth! Could it not be for the location of his island?? To give them a closer launching platform for all the good will they have for us? That was Kruchev wanted. Do we not learn from the past?

I'm watching my mom's funds evaporate at a time when we need them to provide nursing care for her as she declines. Who knows what to do? I don't. The only secure thing is that the house is paid for.

I just wonder what others are thinking, feeling. So - I'm sticking my nose out a little and writing.