Friday, May 23, 2014

Godzilla and I - We go W-A-A-A-Y Back...

Godzilla - 1954
Godzilla and I have been around about the same length of time.  I'm only 5 years older!  The difference between us is that HE keeps getting cooler and more awesome as the time goes by.  I hate that in a guy - ummm -  monster.

I grew up watching him and back in 1854, he brought goosebumps to my pre-adolescent skin.  I loved Raymond Burr from the Perry Mason series that my mom watched all the time.  (This was pre-Ironsides days, where he'd gained so much weight he couldn't get out of the wheelchair)

I'm sure I've seen ALL the Godzilla movies.  Even the cheesy rubber suit ones,

 and baby Godzilla.

They were pretty lame, even for me.  But the past few years, he's gotten some plastic surgery done, and he is looking good.

Ya' gotta give the guy credit.  He knows how to make an entrance.

The size of his body and neck proportion have changed!  As documented HERE

So why am I getting so nostalgic about Godzilla?

I saw the new Godzilla movie today.  I have to say - I still LOVE him!!  He just gets better and better!!

Ladies and gentlemen  - GODZILLA has left the building!

But he WILL be back!!

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